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Day 1 - Tuesday 29 May 2018

MORNING - Euro & Florin Room
10:30    Introduction to UTECH Europe 2018
Simon Robinson, Editor, Urethanes Technology International
10:35    Welcome
Mike Fowles, President, ISOPA
10:45    Keynote Address
Patrick Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Covestro
11:10    Topic to be confirmed
Lee Salamone, Senior Director, American Chemistry Council
11:35    Strategic market overview 
Robert Outram, Associate Director, IAL
12:15    MDI/TDI costs of production
James Elliott, Principal Analyst, Inorganics, IHS Markit 
12:40    Session & Speaker TBC
13:05    Keynote: Emotion and function - creating value via marketing the innovation
Jon Penrice, VP Polyurethanes, Dow Chemical 


14:30    PUR 4.0 – Digital developments for an improved PUR production
Ulrich Liman, Senior Vice President for R&D at Business Unit Polyurethanes, Covestro 
14:45    New approach to calculate slabstock foam properties according to formulations and weather conditions
Olivier Lemoine, Expert Technician in Slabstock in the Technical Service Department, Repsol
15:00    Studying of different parameters on resiliency of polyurethane flexible foams
Ahmadreza Gharehbaghi, Research and Development Manager, Caspian Polyurethane Technologies
15:15    New solutions for viscoelastic and high resilience flexible foam
Lutz Brassat, Head Application Development Flexible Foam, Covestro 
15:45    Effect of selected bio-components on foaming process and selected properties of flexible polyurethane foams
Aleksander Prociak, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Cracow University of Technology
16:00    Combining fire safety and low emissions - an industry challenge or opportunity?
Paul Cookson, Senior R & D Manager, Consumer Comfort, Dow Polyurethanes
16:15    Novel flame retardants developments for the flexible foam markets
Munjal Patel, Manager Global Market Support - Polyurethanes, ICL-IP America
16.30    Novel, low emission, PU catalyst combinations to help meet stringent Certipur and LGA emission requirements
Geert Dries, Application specialist, Performance Products Division - polymers & resins, PU additives, Huntsman
16:45    Approaches to DBTDL/tin-free catalysis (for foams and elastomers)
Kai Klockemann, R&D Director, Performance Chemicals Group
17:00    Polyurethane spray-gel with cooling effect for bedding applications
Amir Doroodian, Product Development Elastomers, BASF Polyurethanes 
17:15    A novel comprehensive range of low VOC HR and polymer polyol for the flexible foam industry – helping the industry to reduce the indoor airborne chemicals levels
Peter Groome, PU Division Technical Director, Jiahua Europe 

AFTERNOON - Florin Room

14:30    Step change technology for PIR panel production
Kristof Dedecker, Innovation Manager, Huntsman
14.45    New additive solutions for PIR rigid foams
Martin Glos, Technology Manager Insulation EMEA, Evonik Nutrition & Care 
15:00    Advances in new curing additives for high-performance rigid foam panels produced by continuous lamination
Robin Heedfeld, Product Development Scientist, Technology Department, Momentive Performance Materials
15:15    Use of CO2 based polyether carbonate polyols to enhance fire resistance in Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foams
Mark Andrews, Senior Scientist, Application Development, Econic Technologies
15:45    Title and speaker to be confirmed
16:00    Beyond λ – what next for insulation 
Alberto Mercati, EMEAI Marketing Associate Director, Dow Polyurethanes 
16:15    Novel cardanol-based polyols and their use in rigid polyurethane foams
Pietro Campaner, Innovation Manager, Cardolite Specialty Chemicals Europe 
16:30    Novel innovative fast-demolding technology for insulating foams in appliances
Reinhard Albers, Head Application Development Rigid Foam Discontinuous, Covestro 
16.45    High functionality polyols obtained from cellulose production waste products
Mikelis Kirpluks, Researcher, Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry
17:00    Slentite - the high-performance insulation material for renovation and new-build – first case studies
Marc Fricke, Project Manager High-Performance Insulation Materials, BASF Polyurethanes
17:15    Title and speaker to be confirmed

Day 2 - Wednesday 30 May 2018

MORNING: Euro Room

10:30    Innovation for sustainable growth
Hermann-Josef Doerholt, Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Europe, Middle East, Africa, Polyurethanes Business Unit, Covestro
11.00    Addressing the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy
Marcel Moeller, Marketing Director EMEAI, Dow Polyurethanes
11:30    Recycling foam from post-consumer waste: challenges and opportunities for sustainable development
Ronny Hanich, Research Associate, Fraunhofer ICT
Ana Crespo Soler, Senior Researcher Composites, AIMPLAS

11:45   Aminoglycolysis of waste poly(ethylene terephthalate) with diethanolamine and evaluation of the products as rigid polyisocyanurate foams
Ilhan Kurt, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Istanbul University
12:15    The BASF Biomass Balance Approach – a groundbreaking way of deriving products from renewable raw materials
Christian Krueger, Corporate Sustainability Expert, BASF SE
12:30    Session & Speaker TBC
12:45    The end-of-life of flexible and rigid polyurethane foam: EU regulatory update and way forward for the industry?
Michel Baumgartner, Secretary General, EUROPUR, European Association of Flexible PU Foam Blocks Manufacturers
Arnaud Duvielguerbigny, Managing Director, PU Europe, European Association of PUR/PIR Insulation Products Manufacturers
13:00    Recycling of end-of-life PU mattresses into polyol for rigid PU foam applications
Mila Skokova, Sales Manager, H & S Anlagentechnik
13:15    A transition from synthetic to biodegradable polyurethanes
Zsanett Boros, Development Engineer, Process Technology Support Department, Wanhua-BorsodChem
Phd Student, Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Miskolc

MORNING - Florin Room

10:30    ISOPA Presentation: Introduction
Jörg Palmersheim, ISOPA
10:45    Restriction Dossier on Diisocyanates
Gudrun Luecke-Brunk, Covestro
11:30    The sustainable and safe use of construction solutions with polyurethanes
Diane Daems, Huntsman
12:15    ISOPA Product Stewardship Programmes
Ronald van den Bosch, DOW
12:45    Circular Economy / Plastics Strategy
Achim Ilzhoefer, Covestro
13:15    Roundup discussion 
Jörg Palmersheim,  ISOPA and all presenters 

14:30    Environmental innovative water-based release agents for PU flexible foams
Claire Gauthier, R&D department, Orrion Chemical Orgaform 
14:45    Recycling of rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam waste
Grazyna Mitchener, Director and Principal Consultant, Polychemtech 
15:00    Krasol F 3000 novel bio-based diol for polyurethanes
Virginie Chabrol, Technical Manager Specialities, Total Cray Valley 
15:15    Biosuccinium - enabling high-performance bio-based polyurethanes 
Lawrence Theunissen, Global Director Application Development, Reverdia
15.45    Broadening the raw material base of polyurethanes: new developments with CO2 & pFA
Christoph Gürtler, Head of Catalysis & Technology Incubation,  Covestro
Jochen Norwig, Senior Projectlead CO2 Projects Catalysis & Technology Incubation, Covestro
Annika Stute, Projectlead C1 Buildingblocks Catalysis & Technology Incubation, Covestro
16.00    Open cell polyurethane foams modified with bio-polyols
Maria Kurańska, Cracow University of Technology

16.15    Effects of HFO 1233zd/pentane blends on the performance and properties of a polyisocyanurate foam system
Caroline Font, Market Intelligence Specialist EMEA, Arkema Inc. 
16:30    Elastopor H 2070 HE – The New HFO based high-efficiency rigid foam for commercial refrigeration
Hendrik Wagner, Product Development PU Rigid Foams Europe, BASF Polyurethanes
16:45    New generation multi-component EasyFroth and MHs with direct injection for HFO’s
Marco Callari, Cannon Afros
17:00    Opteon foam blowing agents for cold chain applications
Ernest B. Wysong, Global Technology Leader, Opteon Foam Blowing, Chemours Company  
17:15    Next generation blowing agents in rigid spray foam- A 3 stream equipment solution to processing
Murphy Mahaffey, Director of International Sales, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC)
17.30    Opteon foam blowing agents for spray foam and construction applications
Jeffrey Sowder, Technical Service Consultant, Opteon Foam, Chemours Company
AFTERNOON - Florin Room

14:30    Enabling the sustainable production of PU based artificial leather with new polyurethane additive 
Michael Klostermann, Regional Technical Manager EMEA – High Density PU, Evonik
14:45    Autonomous self-healing polyurethane elastomers
Angela Smits, Technology Development Manager – Adhesives, Plastics & Elastomers, Croda Coatings and Polymers
15:00    Self-healing behaviour in polycaprolactone-based polyurethanes
Angel Marcos-Fernandez, Researcher, Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Polimeros (CSIC)
15:15    Polycarbonate diol-based polyurethane sealants with improved weathering and chemical resistance intended for building and construction
Manuel Colera, Atlantic Business Development and Marketing Manager, Fine Chemicals Business Unit, UBE 
15:45    Session & Speaker TBC
16.00    Natural, bio-based lactide polyester polyols as useful reactive intermediates for urethane adhesives and coatings
Bill Coggio, Application and Technology Manager, NatureWorks 
16.15    Session & Speaker TBC
16.30    Session & Speaker TBC

16:45    New polyurethane systems for the production of pultruded composite profiles
Bert Neuhaus, Product Development Pultrusion, BASF Polyurethanes
Julia Liese, Research Composites and Adhesives, BASF Polyurethanes
17:00    Raw materials for pultruded composites with extreme UV, chemical and weathering resistance
Stamo Mentizi, Covestro
17:15    Composites – the next frontier for PU
Alberto Fangareggi, Senior R&D Director, Dow Polyurethanes

Day 3 - Thursday 31 May 2018

MORNING - Euro Room

10:30    The 4 ½ polyurea generations: RIM / automotive; spray elastomers; cast applications; polyurea foam; recycling
Kai Klockemann, Managing Director, Nitroil Polyurea
11.00   Spray and moulded polyurea elastomers for high thermal resistance (in automotive and industrial applications)
Stefan Haubenreisser, R&D Manager, INPUT – Institute for Polyurethane Technology
11:15    Study on the effect of water, residual primary amine and humidity on the properties of polyaspartic polyurea
Eric Liu, Wanhua
11:45    Application technology: Spanning the gap from pour applications to very thin coatings in pipes and complex structures
Christian Bremer, Director Sales & Marketing, WIWA Wilhelm Wagner
12:00    From post-consumer mattresses to virgin roof coatings and sealants
E. Kornejew, R&D Manager Recycling, Performance Chemicals

12:15    Broadening applicability of organotin catalysts
Peter Frenkel, Vice President of Technology, Galata Chemicals
12:30    Selection of carbon-based additives for thermal management in PU applications
Klaus Rathberger, Managing Director, Georg H. Luh
12:45    New oligomeric flame retardants for flexible PU foams
Heiko Tebbe, Senior Manager Application Technology Plastic Additives Business, Lanxess Deutschland
13:00    New silicone surfactant with a broad processing latitude for the manufacture of flame retarded foams
Michael Krebs, Regional Technology Manager EMEA Flexible Foam, Evonik Industries
Ruediger Landers, Global Technology Director, Evonik Industries
13:15    Speaker TBC
MORNING - Florin Room

10:30    Vitrox snap cure resins enabling advanced automotive part design and process engineering
Bart Vangrimde, Technical Manager Composites, Huntsman
10:45    Novel bio-based technology for toughening adhesives and composites for automotive applications
Philippe Michaud, Managing Director, Allrim
11:00    JetPreg, the innovative Cannon spray-on-honeycomb solution for lightweight automotive components
Alessandro Colella, Cannon Afros
11:15    Innovative manufacturing methods using polyurethane
Johan Van Dyck, CEO, Exypnos
11:45    Innovative automation solutions for producing parts in polyurethane
Josef Berger, Project Engineering & Sales, Fill
12:00    The new Colourline with multi-connect technology - Fast and uncomplicated colour change for surface finishing of decorative elements and functional elements 
Berthold Schimmelpfennig, Regional Sales Manager for northern Germany, Benelux and Denmark, Hennecke
12:15    Reactive polymer-bound antioxidants for polyol and polyurethane foam improving emission profiles and long-term quality of foam
Sven De Vis, TS & D Engineer, Milliken Europe
12:30    New stabilizer solutions enabling polyurethanes to fulfill automotive requirements
Cinzia Tartarini, CC Automotive & Head of Weathering Center Europe, BASF
12:45    Generation mechanisms of amine and aldehyde emissions from flexible polyurethane foams and reduction methods by amine catalysts.
Hiroshi Fujiwara, Technical Manager, Urethane and Amine Group, Organic Materials Research Laboratory, Tosoh
13:00    Driving the automotive industry forward with new low emission polyurethane additives from Evonik
Eva Emmrich-Smolczyk, Senior Technical Manager Automotive EMEA, Evonik
13:15    Acoustiflex HFI, a new chapter in acoustic comfort enhancement in automobiles
Johan Peters, Account Manager Acoustics and NVH Global, Huntsman